The Art Of Online Payment

Our Card Program.

At Riavera we have everything you need to start a local or international card program.

Augment your branding and increase your revenues by providing your consumers with a gift card, or create a complete association branded card that gives consumers access to funds.

Closed Networks

We can help you set up a closed network system for gift cards. These cards can be virtual or physical and will allow consumers to pay for hard goods at retail points, for digital goods online or on a mobile device. We address every aspect of your program from hosting to branding and roll out.

Open Networks

Our open network programs support all the existing payment methods. An NFC debit card associated with a major issuer can be used to make purchases with a tap of the card, but can also be used with traditional merchants who do not yet support NFC technology. This program can be used to complement mobile payment programs or money remittance programs, and can be integrated with the eWallet and mWallet. We help guide you through the applications, processors, associations, manufacturing of the card itself, branding, certification of all partners and the roll out.

*Issuing rules vary depending on the country.

Customer Care

Our customer service options give you all the tools you need to support your clients efficiently and effectively. Our programs can be white labeled so that all customer care is handled with your brand in mind. We offer live customer service reps on the phone and via online chat. We have hosting options and can help you support your merchants.

We provide full auditing capabilities, operational support and back end reporting. Depending on your business model we can enable to delivery of digital goods content, or help put an operation in place for the ordering and delivery of physical goods. Our systems are designed with "know your customer" and "anti-money laundering regulations" in mind to help give you piece of mind about you transactions.