The Art Of Online Payment

eCommerce Solutions.

Riavera's eCommerce solutions provide you with a comprehensive array of services.

Our stored value eWallet allows consumers to use a variety of funding methods to make payments to merchants online, and to send money to friends and family. It can be integrated with debit cards, and mobile devices (NFC or SMS), so that payments become as easy as the swipe or tap from a mobile device.

We work with players from all the sectors of the payment industry to provide a full suite of payment services. We will work with you to manage your risk using our internal fraud processes as well as utilizing third party services to help you "know your customer", so you can be sure that your payments are safe, secure, and non repudiated. (Including KYC , Fraud and AML)

The eWallet

A stored value wallet that applies to both eCommerce and mobile commerce. It allows for easy integration of multiple payment solutions into merchant/consumer transactions. An easy to use interface for consumers and Merchants makes payments and money remittance to other consumers simple, and allows for easy tracking and statistical analysis. The wallet can be white-labelled to allow you to use your brand.

ACH Processing

ACH or ACH like (ACSS) processing can be done as a stand alone service, or as part of the wallet solution. Electronic Funds Transfers can allow for non credit card based payments, or can be used for other account deposits that suit your needs.

Online Banking

Available in the US, UK and Canada respectively. Provides a real-time, or near real-time payment solution with high confidence of good funds. Can be used for direct payments or depositing to stored value wallet.

Card Processing & Card Programs

There are a variety of card processing options. In addition to card-not-present credit card payment processing, we can work with merchants and issuers to provide local and association branded debit, gift and prepaid card programs.

The back-end to the eCommerce services also include Fraud and Risk Management, consumer data profiling, and shopping cart functionality. The services are capable of allowing micro payments, leveraging the network stored value engine or association branded schemas. Full loyalty programs are also available to make the programs more viral.

Customer Care

Our customer service options give you all the tools you need to support your clients efficiently and effectively. Our programs can be white labeled so that all customer care is handled with your brand in mind. We offer live customer service reps on the phone and via online chat. We have hosting options that can help you support your merchants.

We provide full auditing capabilities, operational support and back end reporting. Depending on your business model we can enable delivery of digital goods content, or help put an operation in place for the ordering and delivery of physical goods. Our systems are designed with "know your customer" and "anti-money laundering regulations" in mind to help give you piece of mind about you transactions.