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Loyalty Plus.

Market Plus

The key to the success of any business is threefold: 1) creating knowledge and name recognition of its product or service in the marketplace; 2) turning prospects into customers; and 3) building a long and lasting relationship with its customers. To that end, we've developed five powerful marketing systems that seamlessly integrate into all of our products.

  1. 1) Referral Systems: Friends telling friends always has been and still is the best form of advertising. We know the value and power of friends telling friends, so we've built a system that allows you to reward your customers when they refer others by offering them various incentives and rewards.
  2. 2) Affiliate Marketing: Many organizations with a web presence and a large membership base are willing to help sell your products and services to their members for a fee. You can now set up your own affiliate program; track where your customers are coming from; and report the commissions your affiliates have earned.
  3. 3) Direct Selling Systems: Create your own direct selling program that employs an independent sales force (called distributors) to sell your products. Distributors earn commission from their personal sales efforts plus an override on sales from those they recruit and when those they recruit, recruit others. All facets of your program including referrals at multiple levels and commissions earned are tracked for you.
  4. 4) Promo Power: There's an old adage in marketing - your best prospects are your current customers. They know and trust your company, so they are much more likely to buy a new product or service from you than someone unfamiliar with your company. For this, you need an effective way to target your customers with high-powered promotions. Promo Power emails promotions to your customers; tracks responses; and measures the effectiveness of each promotion.
  5. 5) Loyalty Programs: Encouraging loyal buying behavior by offering rewards has never been easier. You have the flexibility to define how you want your program to work including a branded loyalty card, a points system, coupons or tickets. It's your choice and just like the other Market Plus systems, we track all facets and report the results.

Market Plus is a quantum leap from how marketing is currently being done. It generates traffic; turns traffic into customers; keeps customers coming back; and motivates customers to tell others.