The Art Of Online Payment

Money Remittance.

Take advantage of this large and growing industry with the capability to move money to anyone anywhere in the world. Money remittance schemes can be customized to your needs.

These programs can be aimed towards travel, payroll or mobile money remittance. Whether you're looking to transfer funds from one person to another or from one business to another, we can support the transaction from end to end. We have the knowledge to assist you to become fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of all the players: financial institutions, issuers, mobile operators and governmental bodies.

We have experience with the GCC and UK to Asia remittance corridors, and the North America to the Caribbean and Asia corridors. We will soon be rolling out the North America to Latin America corridor as well. Money can be sent direct from a mobile device to another mobile device, or to a pre-paid type card to facilitate fulfillment.

Customer Care

Our customer service options give you all the tools you need to support your clients efficiently and effectively. Our programs can be white labeled so that all customer care is handled with your brand in mind. We offer live customer service reps on the phone and via online chat. We have hosting options that can help you support your merchants.

We provide full auditing capabilities, operational support and back end reporting. Depending on your business model we can enable delivery of digital goods content, or help put an operation in place for the ordering and delivery of physical goods. Our systems are designed with "know your customer" and "anti-money laundering regulations" in mind to help give you piece of mind about you transactions.