Corporate Consulting & Investment Specialists

About Riavera Corporation

Riavera Corp is a technology, corporate consulting and investments services company.

Riavera owns and/or invests in many of the companies to which it provides consulting services.

A live streaming service that allows users to interact and transact with a global audience in real time.

An online live streaming and video gaming platform that allows users to earn money playing video games online in real time.

A mobile payments service that holds several patents on mobile commerce technologies including patents on using QR code’s for mobile commerce.

*Riavera Corp provides management Consulting, IT management and investment consulting to Miiscan Inc. Riavera Corp owns approximately 50% of the company.

Mogul Properties
A Toronto based property management company with 13 years experience managing rental buildings that are built on leased municipal land.

*Riavera Corp provides management consulting services to Mogul Properties Ltd and owns approximately 50% of the company.